Murphy Medical Center champions your right to feel comfortable and secure, even when you’re at home.

We’re happy to offer Philip’s Lifeline Medical Alert Service to folks who desire an accessible and affordable solution for independent living.

One simple touch is all it takes to tap into true peace of mind. Lifeline is the right choice for individuals who may require prompt assistance in an emergency situation. The medical alert service reduces the risks of living alone in the event of a fall or emergency. Seniors, disabled individuals, and their loved ones benefit from knowing the dangers of an injury at home can be significantly lessened with the help of a 24-hour, seven day a week Lifeline Personal Help Button.

Good Shepherd Home Health & Hospice of Murphy Medical Center provides Lifeline services to Cherokee and Clay counties. Philip’s Lifeline is predominately a self-pay service, or offered to CAP for Disabled Adults. Some long-term insurance may cover the service.

How Lifeline works:

The choice is yours. Select how you will wear your waterproof Lifeline button by choosing either a pendant or wrist band style.
Install a CarePartner Communicator. A two-way voice communicator will be installed on your existing telephone line.

Know who you trust. Prepare to furnish the names and phone numbers of three individuals who can respond quickly to you in the case of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, push your Lifeline button in order to reach a Lifeline Response Associate. The associate will assess the nature of the situation and either contact a loved one, neighbor or emergency services.

You may benefit from Lifeline if you identify with some of the statements below:
  • I am alone for several hours during the day and/or night.
  • I use a cane, walker wheelchair or other assistive device to help with balance or walking.
  • I feel a medical alert service would provide peace of mind for my loved ones.
  • I require assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation.
  • I worry about falling and not being able to call for help.

If you or your family feels that it is time to consider how to live independently with the assistance of a medical alert service, talk to your primary care provider today.

Contact Good Shepherd at (828) 837-1197 for pricing options and ordering information