Critical patients in need of close observation and around-the-clock monitoring are placed within the Intensive Care Unit with the hope of moving them closer to recovery through the use of specialized lifesaving technology.

The scene of an ICU can appear grim and disheartening. You and your family may have difficulty retaining optimism among a myriad of tubes, wires and beeping machines. We view the increased technological care as a strength. We’re equipped with a line of defense in stabilizing and treating patients with complex medical needs.

Our team typically cares for patients with respiratory and cardiac problems and those who suffer from serious injury or infection. A patient may also be transferred here following a major surgery.

There are several types of equipment being used within our unit: ventilators used to assist with breathing, emergency resuscitation devices, vital sign monitors and other life-support systems. Our friendly staff will gladly describe to you the purpose and function of these machines to patients and loved ones.

Collaborative care keeps you in the know

Meet the many faces of the ICU. Our unit is where you’ll encounter a multifaceted philosophy of care designed to bring patients closer to improvement. Certified Nursing Assistants, Registered Nurses, primary care physicians and other health coordinators join the interdisciplinary team in focusing on how to get you better. This involves your direct care plan, diet and nutrition, medication management and more.

The line of communication starts with you. Whether you’re with us as a patient or a family member of a patient, you’re welcome to take an active role in the plan of care. Daily goals are posted in patient rooms each day. During each shift change, nursing staff discuss updates and medications in front of the patient to ensure complete bedside reporting of updates and conditions.

We welcome a family presence. The need for support is never more evident than in the challenging moments that characterize the daily rounds in an ICU. Keep close what matters. While we do encourage family members to rest at home between visitations, sleeper chairs can be supplied for family to stay overnight in patient rooms. Identify a spokesperson. We recommend loved ones select one family member whose role is to convey questions and concerns to care providers in order to keep an organized and open line of communication.

Be informed. Patients are screened to determine if a living will is in place to direct medical staff of a patient’s wishes in certain medical situations. If you or a loved one does not have a living will, we can provide you with further information.

ICU at a glance:
  • Each room in the six-bed unit is private and complete with a phone, television and in-room bathroom.
  • Our patient ratio is 2-3 patients per nurse.
  • We keep open and flexible visiting hours. Our staff reserves the right to limit visitation if patient safety is compromised. In the case of infectious disease, children under the age of 12 will be asked to limit patient contact.

Intensive Care Unit

Patients can be reached in their rooms by calling the main hospital line (828) 837-8161