It feels good to give

Murphy Medical Center Foundation

For more information or to make a tax deductible donation, please call (828) 835-7558

You’ve probably felt it before. That warming of your heart that happens when you help someone. You’re better for it because you’ve made a positive difference in the world. It feels good to give.

Murphy Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit healthcare organization serving rural, far west North Carolina and north Georgia. We offer a broad scope of healthcare services: from our Labor and Delivery unit to our Home Health & Hospice, we touch people at all stages of their lives.

The stories of the people we help are numerous and profound. The young mother diagnosed with breast cancer and treated to recovery so she can continue loving and caring for her family. The grandfather who releases fear after his heart attack when he is provided the tools to live a healthy life. The injured friend whose life is saved in our Emergency Department.


Why Your Gift Matters

Your gift enables quality healthcare services. Murphy Medical Center operates within America’s challenging healthcare industry structure. Moreover, we are located in an economically challenged area. Incurring rising costs in all categories as we simultaneously experience reimbursement shortfalls dictated by Medicare, Medicaid, and millions of dollars worth of uncompensated care makes it increasingly difficult to maintain a strong financial stance. When it’s time to purchase new equipment or maintain a service, we often look to our donors to help.

There’s another reason your gift matters. Your donation beneficially ripples through the community. As one of the largest employers in our area, Murphy Medical Center is a cornerstone of the local economy, and thus positively affects the financial lives of hundreds of employees, their families and, in trickle-down fashion, the businesses at which they spend their income. Consequently, there is a distinct correlation between Murphy Medical Center’s fiscal health and the economic viability of our entire community.

How You Can Help

You don’t have to give a lot to be a philanthropist. You just have to give from the heart. Regardless of the amount of your gift, it’s the act of giving that’s important. Murphy Medical Center offers multiple ways for you to make that positive difference:

  • Cash Donations
  • Real Property
  • Stock Gifts
  • In-kind Donations

In addition to current tax-year gifts, planned gifts such as bequests and charitable gift annuities provide additional donation options.

Direct Your Gift

What’s important to you? Perhaps you particularly care for the elderly being served in our nursing home or by our dedicated home health staff. If cancer has touched your life, you may be inclined to help others with the disease. Some people just want to help grow the Foundation’s long-term endowment. Murphy Medical Center will use your donation in a way that resonates with what’s important to you.

The Benefits of Giving

Your gifts to Murphy Medical Center are tax deductable, as allowed by the IRS. We recommend you consult with your financial advisor regarding the most beneficial gift structure for you. We will work with you and your tax professional to give as your heart dictates and your means allow. There’s no pressure, only genuine gratitude.

About the Foundation

The Foundation provides resources to Murphy Medical Center for equipment, programs and services. Governed by a volunteer board of directors that’s comprised of committed community, corporate and physician leaders, the Foundation performs many key functions:

  • Soliciting monetary and in-kind contributions from individuals, corporations, and other foundations
  • Evaluating requests and distributing funds for programs, equipment purchases and other improvements
  • Managing the investment of charitable donations
  • Cultivating and acknowledging donors
  • Organizing special events to support various funds and programs
  • Applying for grants from other foundations and/or corporations

The Foundation also funds annual scholarships for select graduating high school seniors from Cherokee, Clay and Graham counties pursuing healthcare-related college degrees.