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Hospital’s Thrift Store Recognized for Outstanding Service

Murphy Medical Center staff members honored the volunteers of Granny’s Attic Thrift store in Hayesville with a certificate of appreciation at an event held on March 28.

The framed resolution, signed by the hospital’s board of directors, noted contributions the organization made since opening in 1985.

Hospital administration and auxiliary members gather for the certificate of appreciation presentation. Toni Lovingood, Eva Robinson, Kathy Parker, Betty Kelly, Mary Carol Campbell, Barbara Walsh, Lynne Bell, Lee Brown and Mike Stevenson at the March 28 event. (shown from left)

Hospital administration and auxiliary members gather for the certificate of appreciation presentation. Toni Lovingood, Eva Robinson, Kathy Parker, Betty Kelly, Mary Carol Campbell, Barbara Walsh, Lynne Bell, Lee Brown and Mike Stevenson at the March 28 event. (shown from left)

“Granny’s Attic has donated over $600,000 of profits to help our local communities,” said Mary Carol Campbell, Director of Volunteer Services. “Through the enthusiastic efforts of our volunteers, they have also provided education scholarships and equipment for Good Shepherd Home Health and Hospice to help provide essential medical services to those in need.”

Granny’s Attic celebrated 30 years of service in 2015 and was recognized by Hayesville Mayor Harry Baughn for excellent service to the community. They received the 2015 Governor’s Award signed by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for outstanding dedication and commitment to volunteer work in Clay County and surrounding areas.

“Our volunteers are a remarkable, energetic group of talented people who give of their time tirelessly,” added Campbell. “We’d also like to thank everyone who shops at Granny’s Attic and those who generously donate merchandise and gently-used clothing for resale.”

Granny’s Attic is located at 200 Highway 64 West in Hayesville, in Suite B next to Subway. Donations of items are accepted during hours of operation which are Wednesday through Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm. Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to call Mary Carol Campbell at (828) 835-3667, or visit the hospital’s website at www.murphymedical.org/auxiliary.

Granny’s Attic Thrift Store in Hayesville is currently seeking volunteers. If you’d like to help, please call Mary Carol Campbell at (828) 835-3667

We’re proud to say we’ve got people. You’ll see them at our front desk in the lobby or escorting patients through hallways. Our people are in departments ranging from accounting to the cafeteria. They can even be seen in patient rooms. The giving spirit of our volunteers is visible in the more than 140 community members who lend their time and talents to us each year.

College degrees, a set of scrubs or experience in the fields of healthcare aren’t required to join today. Take the one-on-one patient support as an example of the irreplaceable impact made of our volunteer operation. We need storytellers, letter writers, card players and listeners. The real interaction and genuine experiences we share with our patients raise the bar on what it means to be a volunteer.

As a patient-centered facility, volunteers help make all the difference in the culture we cultivate as a facility where neighbors are helping neighbors.

Each day Joy Knee volunteers at the nursing home, she looks into the faces of residents and imagines herself as one.

“This could be me one day or my husband. Will someone smile at me and encourage me? Will someone listen to my story?” Joy said. “I pray that I will be a blessing, but the truth is, I am the one that is blessed.”

We can place you in a rewarding role at Murphy Medical Center. You may feel you have a calling to a specific service area or are interested in offering any type of helping hand. Our volunteers work in capacities such as clerical assistance, patient support, nursing home activities and front desk help. We’re fortunate to have many retired medical personnel on the floor who blend seamlessly with care providers.

Mary Lutz-Karvonen, a retired Registered Nurse, spends three days a week assisting at the front desk and in the Same Day Care Unit. She checked off one of her retirement goals by reinventing herself as a “Pink Lady.” You can’t miss her. Clad in pink and wearing a smile, Mary lets the cheeky side of nursing shine through.

“As a volunteer, I have extra time to do small things for people that I didn’t always have time for when I was a ‘real’ working nurse. I am enjoying that luxury for sure!” Lutz-Karvonen says.

Volunteers share their selfless mission well beyond the walls of the facility.

Granny’s Attic, a thrift store in Hayesville, raised $63,345 for the Good Shepherd Home Health & Hospice Agency in 2015. The record-breaking donation benefits patients in Cherokee, Clay and Macon counties of North Carolina.

Opportunities for volunteering are also available within the Giving Tree Gift Boutique located inside the hospital lobby.

Volunteers are the driving force behind essential fundraising projects that are invaluable to our small community hospital. The group meets quarterly to discuss fundraising efforts and open the floor for new ideas.

According to the National Value of Volunteer Time for 2012, estimated at $22.14 per hour, the program is responsible for creating more than $380,000 worth of effort.

Although the initiative is impressive, their work is beyond price.

Remarkable results can be seen in the new heated chairs for patients of the Infusion Center and the blanket warmer in radiology. Through innovative and fun charitable fundraisers, our people make all the difference in the Murphy Medical Center you see today.

The desire to contribute to our hospital has attracted all ages and backgrounds to become part of the team. A Junior Volunteer Program is designed for students ages 13 and up, including college students. Flexible positions and convenient hours are available to meet a volunteer’s schedule.

Murphy Medical Center Volunteer Services

To learn more about how you can join our volunteer family,

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